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Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is the part of finance which deals with the identification of capital sources and the allotment and application of the funds to optimal projects which yield the highest returns for the business firm. Corporate finance allows for the analysis of optimal capital structure mix between debt and equity capital used to finance the firm so as to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

It seeks for control of working capital management techniques for improved profitability of the firm and the best utilization of financed assets and liabilities to achieving this end. It calls for the optimization and maximization of shareholders value by planning and implementing financial strategies in the short and long run periods of the firm.

Corporate finance is concerned with the effective determination of returns to financiers of the organization by applying various techniques and formulas for calculating cost of capital (debt and equity) and comparing with the required rate of return to determine whether the capital financing source is viable and should be used or discarded.

Important formulas used include;

1. Cost of capital = cost of equity + cost of debt

2. Cost of equity CAPM (capital asset pricing model)= Rf + B (Rm – Rf)
Rf, -the risk free rate of return (interest rate on a government bond)
B- Beta sensitivity to risk of asset or share
Rm -Market rate of the share

3. Cost of debt = YTM (1-T)
YTM -Yield to maturity is usually the interest rate of return on the bond or debt instrument
T -tax rate

Corporate finance entails the appraisal of investment projects using various techniques such as net present value method, payback period method, profitability index method, internal rate of return method and accounting rate of return method of investment appraisal to decide which project is viable to be undertaken and which project to discard.

Corporate finance has recently moved to areas such as worker inclusion in decision making (laisezz faire) style of management rather than beaurocratic management and corporate social responsibility or CSR.

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