Financial Services

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Financial Services

Financial services are the monetary and technical help a firm acquires from outsourcing externally form other institutions and internally from its qualified staffs. These services range from acquisition of financing through debt and equity to routine banking services acquired by the firm in its day to day operations.

Categories of financial services

There are several services which can be considered in the category of being financial in nature including;

1) Banking and financial institution financial service

These may include but not be limited to;

  • Maintaining and running a bank account
  • Acquiring and maintaining a loan account
  • Capital financing and investment interest rate advise
  • Electronic fund transfers to necessitate and make global e-commerce trade easy
  • Paying and buying goods and services in large volumes

2) Financial analysts and internal personnel expertise

Internal employees and external independent experts and financial analysts usually offer a range of financial services to the business firm including;

  • Start up business viability analysis and continuing business health analysis
  • Preparation of financial statements for reporting business profits from operations and the financial position of the business in relation to assets and liabilities
  • Auditing and assessment of adherence of financial accounting systems and accounting statements and reports to International financial reporting standards and generally accepted accounting standards
  • Valuation services for assets and liabilities in view of disposal of assets
  • Insurance services for the assurance of risk coverage where there is uncertainty of occurrence of risk and an insurable interest in the asset

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