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Portfolio Management

A portfolio is a collection of securities investment which usually belongs to the same person or company. Portfolio management is the managing of a range of financial stock securities such as shares, bonds, mutual funds and cash so as to attain maximum profits from the investments within a specific time period usually one financial year. It should be done in consideration of the investment plan of the investor and their allocated budget. It entails quantifying of risk of the portfolio securities so as to ascertain which securities should be disposed, acquired and retained to ensure optimal profitability of the portfolio at any one time. It may require an expert intervention to manage stock exchange securities investments.

Effective portfolio management calls for regular investment to keep the portfolio growing. It also requires the dexterity of tackling many financial goals and objectives in order and priority of importance and with performance of the securities in perspective. It calls for rebalancing a portfolio to restore the mix of securities investments in alignment with long term targets.

Types of portfolios

There are several types of portfolios;

  • Active Portfolio Management: Portfolio managers are actively involved in the buying and selling of securities.
  • Market portfolio; contains many various securities investments and assets in the world financial market with each assets weighed for its presence in the market.
  • Discretionary Portfolio management; The portfolio manager is controlled by the client. The client gives the portfolio manager the authorization to take care of the clients financial needs and issues the portfolio manager with money. The portfolio manager is allowed to make decisions on behalf of the client.
  • Non-Discretionary Portfolio management services: The portfolio manager merely advises the client and the client makes the decisions. The portfolio manager cannot make decisions.
  • Passive Portfolio Management: The portfolio manager deals with a fixed portfolio matching the market. Zero investment portfolio; attained by buying and selling equivalent investment securities.

Portfolio Management Assignment Help

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