Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Finance Helpdesk?

    Finance-helpdesk.com is a dedicated website offering academic help services catering to students and research scholars of finance background. We have team of experts comprising of college and university faculties, chartered accountants, economists and statisticians who help students in their academic finance assignments, tutoring and exams.

  • What services do you offer?

    We provide online and offline assistance to finance students in their coursework homework assignments, projects, research papers, essays, term papers and dissertation. We also assist research scholars in analysing their financial or economic data through various tools and modern techniques with the use of spreadsheet and statistical softwares. We also offer help with weekly online finance quizzes, exams and tests available on university blackboard. We guarantee a minimum 80% grade for online tasks that have limited time duration for completion.

  • Who are the experts?

    We have a team of experts from around the world who dedicate their valuable time in helping those students who lack the accessibility of good teachers and mentors in their course curriculum. Our team of tutors and experts comprises of

    • College professors and faculties
    • Financial industry experts
    • Chartered Accountants
    • Economists and Statisticians
  • How finance helpdesk is better?

    Normally on internet, students search for guidance or material that can help them to solve their finance problems. But it is hard to find resources that can guide you to solve the question completely. You can only find formulae, basic concepts and calculations. To deal with a problem which requires analytical approach becomes difficult for students. Our experts make this easy by providing a step by step detailed solution that acts as a catalyst in understanding the right approach of solving and analysing complex problems.

  • Is your service confidential?

    Customer's privacy is very important for us. We never share your contact details, personal details such as name, phone number, email id etc. with anyone. Only the assignment instructions are shared with the expert who is supposed to work on it.

  • How can I avail your services?

    The process to avail our services is very simply and convenient.

    • Step 1:- Simply email (homework@finance-helpdesk.com) us your finance homework or assignment file containing the questions and attach any support files available. Mention all instructions along with the deadline to finish the assignment. You can also upload your assignment via our website form. Just fill up the form with all details and attach the files and click submit at the end.
    • Step 2:- The moment we receive your request, we will notify you via email about the successful receipt of your assignment. We will then check your task with our experts and send you the appropriate price quote for it along with payment link and your assignment order ID via email.
    • Step 3:- You make the payment for your assignment and our expert will start working on it immediately.
    • Step 4:- We submit the solution as per the agreed deadline via email.

    You can contact us via email and chat for post delivery questions, clarification or demand for amendments if necessary.

  • Is it Safe to make payment on your website ?

    All the payments on our website are processed through highly secured PAYPAL platform. So, if you are a paypal user, you can simply login to process the payment. In case you dont have a paypal account, you can use your credit card to make the payment.

  • What is your REFUND policy?

    We assure you full refund in case the solution provided is either wrong or you get a failing grade.

  • Is there any pricing criteria?

    The offered price depends upon many factors that we take into consideraion while evaluating your assignment. They include amount of workload, complexity of assignment, research involved and deadline.