Financial Risk Management

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Financial Risk Management

Financial risk management is the management of risk in a business organization using financial instruments so as to ensure value addition to the organization. It requires for the identification of unique risks to the firm arising out of the market risks which can pose a danger to the firm. Once the risk to a financial product like interest rate risk, credit risk or business risk on a bond or has been identified it needs to be managed which can be done using various financial risk management techniques.

There are three types of important financial risks including market risk, credit risk and liquidity risk. Market risks include interest rate risk, equity risk, exchange rates and commodity prices, credit risk involves customer, supplier and partner risks and liquidity risk includes market, financing and cash flow risks.

Financial risk management only sets up policies to guide those who make financial decisions in the company but it does not define the risks which the

Financial risk management tools and techniques

These include the following risk analysis and financial management techniques;

Cost analysis – the analysis of variance, standard deviation and coefficient of variation are very important measures in the analysis of absolute business risk analysis. The focus is to identify, analyze, prioritize and manage risks with a view of minimizing or completely eliminating them.

Threat analysis – the threats to the business include competitor prices which might be lower or redundancy of the business product or service. A strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threat analysis can be effective to meet this objective.

Investment portfolio risk analysis entails finding the optimal structure of shares and debts to invest in consideration of dividend and interest payments which mitigates risk.

Program risk management – finding and mitigating risks to successful program objectives

Financial Risk Management Assignment Help

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