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Financial Engineering

Financial engineering is a field which deals with the designing, development and the implementing of new and better innovative financial instruments and products and creating solutions for challenges in finance. Financial engineering also combines different features of different financial products such as swaps, options, futures and forwards into on super product to suit the corporation which minimizes its risk exposure or which offers its investor investments with unique payoff structures. Apart from relating new financial products and services financial engineering is informed by financial theory and usage of tools of modern finance. The main objective of financial engineering is to mitigate risk while maximizing returns for the investor.

Strategies, Tools And Techniques In Financial Engineering

Implementing financial strategy by creating strong relationships with banks and debt providers to help secure the optimal amount of debt financing at favorable interest rates and short repayment time periods and managing cash flows are key to generating increasing returns and portfolio value for companies.

Using repo’s (selling the repurchasing the same instrument) to devise financial engineering strategies; Examples-

  • Funding fixed income portfolios – a dealer without cash oversees the immediate buying and repo of a bond to secure the funds needed to repay for it. The dealer earns the bond return and his cost is the repo rate.
  • The conducting of an initial clients finance needs goes a long way into determining what and how to structure products needed in the financial engineering process.

Tools and techniques

These include use of computers software applications for modeling and designing the financial products, using predictive analysis of clients’ information to design products in line with consumer requirements. Basic finance computational techniques using models like CAPM for cost of equity and other cost of debt formulas helps to streamline the financial product development process.

Financial Engineering Assignment Help

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