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International Finance

International finance deals with the trade, monetary and financial investments relations between citizens of one country with the citizens of another country. It is a branch of financial economics which deals with macroeconomic aggregates (sums) of a countries incomes and investments in relation to those of another country.

Trade tariffs and customs duties

Trade tariffs are barriers to trade imposed on another country for example a country at war such as trade sanctions with the trading country to make it difficult or impossible to trade with the country. Customs duties are the taxes imposed on a country’s goods and services by the trading country.

Balance of payments (Bop’s)

Balance of payments is the differences between countries exports to the partner trading country and the amount of imports from that country. They can be favorable BOP’s if exports are greater than imports or unfavorable Bop’s if the imports are greater than exports.

The currency exchange rate

The rate of exchange between the countries currencies is a great determinant of international finance. The currency exchange rate is usually favorable for the country with more valuable goods for example an industrialized country like the United states is a super power in international trade as it will trade vehicles and other industrialized goods with Kenya which mostly has cheap agricultural produce. The United States dollar exchanges at a high rate with the Kenyan shilling as their commodities and services are deemed to be of higher value than those of Kenya.

International financial institutions

Of important mention would be institutions like the World Bank and Swiss banks, United Nations and the international monetary fund which have a significant influence in international trade.

International Finance Assignment Help

International Finance mainly deals with the financial interactions between countries of the world. With globalization, companies are expanding their business across the world. This is the reason study of international finance courses becomes important for students to learn how a business operates in a global scenario. We must have seen many case studies of companies operating globally and the legal, financial and operational challenges they have faced. To compete globally is the real hurdle and to prepare students for the new and upcoming challenges is the primary objective of modern day finance courses.

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