Financial Derivatives

Financial Derivatives Assignment Help

Financial Derivatives

Financial derivatives represent the right to buy or sell an asset and they are contracts which derive their value from the performance or non performance of an underlying asset. These assets include especially financial instruments and assets which can be listed on a stock exchange market. The most common types of financial derivatives include call and put options, swaps, futures and forward contracts. Most common underlying assets which determine the value of a financial derivative include stocks, collateralized debt obligations, bonds, commodities, mortgage backed securities, currencies, interest rates and market indexes.

The need for financial derivatives

Financial derivatives are very important in the management of risk. They reduce the risk in the underlying asset. Besides, derivatives are tools for managing the assets of the company and they are more easily tradable over the counter than other assets.

Trading and traders of financial derivatives

Financial derivatives can be traded through an exchange or outside of the exchange. If traded in the exchange the exchange defines the contracts which are entered into by the buyer and seller. On the other hand, over the counter transactions can occur for financial derivatives contracts agreed upon by sellers and buyers on their own terms and agreements.

The trader can either be a speculator who accepts to take risk today with the aim of making profits or losses from predicted future prices of securities, a hedger who faces risk with the financial derivative as a shield to the risk and an arbitrageur who depends on the arbitrage of price differences between two securities through the price of a third security to make profits.

Financial Derivatives Assignment Help

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Financial Derivatives Homework Help

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