Financial Economics

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Financial Economics

Financial economics deals with the resources allocations decisions in markets without certainty. It is concerned with interrelation of financial variables such as time, interest rates, opportunity cost, shares, risks options and information related to a financial decision and prices. The main areas of focus are discounting and capitalizing cash flows to recognize time value for money (US dollar $100 today is worth US dollar $110 in one year’s time at% interest rate per annum), Managing risk by hedging and holding two or more diverse stock exchange assets, providers of capital (pricing of assets or investment) and users of capital (corporate finance).

Importance Of Financial Economics

Financial economics is important because it assists in financial asset and securities valuation, econometric analysis as the use of mathematical analysis and testing of financial economics, agency theory for analysis the conflicts of shareholders, management, creditors and other stakeholders’ interests in the business organization and most recently behavioral finance.

Tools And Techniques In Financial Economics

Implementing financial economics strategy requires certain tools, skills and techniques which include market analysis of interest rates of return for assets, measuring returns of financial assets using several techniques.

These include models like CAPM- (capital asset pricing model) in portfolio theory where return on a share is equal to risk free rate of return (interest rate on a government bond) plus beta (sensitivity to market fluctuations) times (market rate minus risk free rate), derivative pricing using binomial options pricing, path independent derivatives, Monte Carlo methods for options pricing, routine valuation of exotic derivates, real options valuation which allows that options holders can influence the option’s underlying and employee stock valuations which allow for non rationality on the part of the option holders.

Financial Economics Assignment Help

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